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Our goal is simple: better behaved dogs


We are a team of expert trainers and behaviourists, specialising in problem behaviour.

Our mission is to teach dog owners throughout the UK and worldwide, to improve their lives with their dogs, and to build the best relationship possible through clear structure, communication, and enrichment.

Meet the team

We are a team of expert trainers and behaviourists, specialised in problem behaviour.


Adam Wilson

Head Trainer & Founder

Adam works exclusively with problem behaviour in dogs, ranging from reactivity, dog and human aggression, phobias, and resource guarding. His expertise and experience has been established over many years of working with dogs in various sub-industries, including rescues, day care centers, grooming, boarding, dog handling and security services, expert witness cases involving dangerous dogs, delivering online courses, and building online dog training academies. 


Isabella Hawthorne

Puppy Trainer & Founder

Isabella’s journey into the dog training industry began when starting her dog walking business in Edinburgh many years ago; since then, Isabella has qualified as a NASDU drug detection handler and co-founded a non-profit in canine welfare standards. With a passion for raising puppies correctly, Isabella leads our puppy programme with correct socialisation and improving the daily dog walk being at the core of her work.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 63 customer reviews.

Problem behaviour packages

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