Dogs Playing – When Should You Intervene?

Playing can quickly lead to fighting if you don’t know how to read the body language and know when owner intervention is needed to calm things down.

We’ve put together some helpful points for you to think about when managing the play and relationship between two dogs.

– if your dog has approached another dog to play without consent! This is never acceptable ⚠️

– if one or both dogs are too aroused to listen to recall ⚠️

– if a dog has lost interest in the play and/or is finding it too much, but the other dog isn’t adhering to their signals ⚠️

– if one dog is being waaaaay too much for the other dog ⚠️

– if the location is unsafe for off-lead time ⚠️

– if you’re finding overall that your dog is too interested in playing with others and it’s affecting your relationship ⚠️

– if your lawn is ruined and you need a break more than the dogs 😂

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