Need Help Teaching Your Dog To Relax At Pubs?

With summer not far away, many of us are hoping to include our dogs in more wholesome summer activities such as accompanying us to our local beer garden in the evenings.

Ask yourself two questions:

• is my dog comfortable?
– are they content, neutral & relaxed, or are they feeling edgy, nervous & stressed?
Some dogs do not have the temperament for ‘human’ activities and that is okay.

• how is my dog’s behaviour?
– is your dog leaving everyone alone or are they jumping on people’s tables? Is my dog able to co-exist with staff or is there aggression?

Providing your dog is fulfilled outside of your trips out, leaving your dog at home whilst you go to pubs & cafés is fine, even if they could cope with the trip!

If you want to bring your dog, they’ll need a few skills beforehand:
• the ability to settle wherever they are, whatever the distractions
• reliable neutrality
• no excessive vocalisation (this is unfair on others)
• the ability to be a bit bored for a while with no drama!

We love taking tolerant, neutral, content dogs out & about with us, but we also like having time with no dogs 😊

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