How To Spot A Rubbish Dog Trainer

With a booming industry, it seems like everyone and their aunt are dog trainers now. So, how do you know which ones to avoid?

• no evidence of well-behaved, non-reactive dogs 🥴
If their dogs are uncontrollable messes, walk away!

• inability or refusal to treat every dog as an individual 🥴
Some methods work for some dogs; others need a different path. We carefully assess the history & temperament of each dog before deciding what to do.

• 10 sessions later and you’re still distracting with treats? 🥴

• no success stories or good reviews

• insistence on using ‘alpha training’ and/or won’t reward a dog 🥴
Being the alpha of your dog (whatever that means) doesn’t resolve behaviour problems and doesn’t create a healthy relationship.

• discredits dog training tools without using them, or reliance on only one tool (appropriate or not for your dog) 🥴
Different dogs need different tools for different goals.

Yes, we ask a lot of questions about your dog and yes we obsess about reward usage, but that’s because we care about your success as an individual 🤩

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