What We Expect Of You As Clients

We never expect our clients to immediately understand complex behaviour, or even to produce the world’s best obedience!

But, in terms of basic needs of a dog, these are the same non-negotiable standards that we also require of ourselves with our dogs:

✨appropriate body weight✨
Do not allow your dog to become fat! Obesity shaves years off a dog’s life and causes daily discomfort.
We also expect you to provide a suitable diet for your dog, as we do for ours. Dogs aren’t cheap – saving a few hundred a year on your dog’s food will cost you a few thousand a year in unnecessary vet bills.

✨biological fulfilment✨
Expecting our dogs to heel for miles and hold Place for hours is unfair if they aren’t also being enriched. Appropriate outlets for play & stimulation are essential! Whether you like it or not, you need to dedicate time to entertaining your dog, especially if you have a working breed (which you probably do if you’re reading this).

✨patience & commitment✨
Behavioural modification takes ages. Improving obedience takes ages. Transforming your dog from a nightmare into a joy especially takes ages. Listen carefully to our advice, do your homework, and remember there are no quick fixes*

If you do all of these basics to a high standard, you’ll be fine!

*although do draw a line – if your current trainer is telling you that your Frenchie will be reactive for years or your spaniel will pull on the lead until they’re 4, bin that trainer 😂

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