Start Teaching Your Dog To Overcome Their Emotions

Stop trying to ‘fix’ your dog’s reactivity and start teaching them to overcome their emotions without your input.

Reactivity is not a single-sided problem; it develops due to multiple factors, the biggest two being poor genetics & poor training

A dog with great genetics and an excellent behavioural foundation (both are equally important) is rarely reactive. This isn’t a coincidence!

Instead of purchasing crap online courses or desperately rotating through different forms of what is essentially bribery, build the following skills:

• leash pressure & basic obedience
• decompression & fulfilment
• a clear difference between a short training & exposure walk and longer, enriching walks
• create new habitual emotional responses in challenging situations, so a trip to the park becomes an opportunity to play instead of habitual anxiety ➡️ reactivity

Improving relationship does not directly resolve reactivity, but no one concept concretely resolves reactivity.

Overall building a better dog and a better relationship will improve impulse control, improve reliability of basic skills and ultimately improve your walks.

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