Dogs In Pubs?

A common training goal for many people, and we cannot blame them Dogs In Pubs? the vision of taking your dog out for a stroll, followed by a few drinks in a beer garden during the summer months is something many aspire to achieve – and many do! But let’s look at how realistic this is.

The reality is that dogs have their genetic ceilings. The type of temperament and characteristic of a dog has to be pretty damn solid to be able to switch off and be neutral in busy, stimulating environments – such as pubs, cafes, restaurants and so on.

As the increase in backyard breeding goes on, breeding dogs that are not true to breed, with no emphasis on temperament, more and more people are getting dogs that are genetically nervous, overly sensitive and anxious dogs. This coupled up with breeds such as German Shepherds, Mali’s, Terriers and similar, is really a recipe for reactivity and neurotic, unbalanced behaviours.

The honest truth for many dogs is that due to their poor genetics, just achieving them to be civil members of society, where they remain obedient and ignore potential triggers out on walks, is going to be the limit. Of course there are exceptions and many factors play into this – such as the owners ability to train their dog, the dog itself etc, but you get the gist.

If you find yourself with a working breed that has reactivity issues or nervousness stemming from their genetic make up, it is going to be very difficult to have them partake in your pub session! Not to mention they likely will not enjoy it.

“My working line German Shepherd won’t relax at the beer garden” – yeh it’s not supposed to.

“My Cane Corso growls when people come to the table” – yeh they are not Labrador retrievers.

“My Malinois just won’t settle and goes crazy when doing nothing” – Yes…

“My Kangal becomes aggressive if anyone approaches us at the pub” – why do you have a Kangal…

This is why for dogs that are required to work in public settings such as guide dogs and service dogs, are bred with a specific goal in mind – balance.

More and more dogs are not balanced these days and although this is a seperate problem linked to breeding, we need to understand what dog we have.

Also… if you have a Caucasian Shepherd, Kangal or similar… even contemplating taking them to the pub for a chilled afternoon, is enough evidence to show you have the wrong dog!

Pick your dogs correctly, don’t do things just for you and look at your dog – have high standards and goals, but be realistic with the dog you have.

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