The Tragic E-Collar Ban

A truly sad, disastrous day for the welfare of dogs, as the government today announced the banning of e-collars from next year.
What does this mean?

Thousands and thousands of dogs currently, and in the future will be confined to a lead.

Deaths of sheep, livestock and wildlife will surge. Like they have done in Wales since they banned the e-collar a number of years ago.
Dogs will die from euthanasia due to behavioural problems, being shot for attacking livestock and similar.

Incidents including serious dog attacks will increase and more.

Dogs will find themselves in rescue shelters, that are already at high capacity.

As for the community of force free dog trainers that are celebrating the ban. We are more concerned with training our dogs to not kill livestock and be under control without restraining them on a lead, rather than holding them, trying to shove cheese in their mouths and claim to be training.
We will continue to stock e-collars. We will continue to train responsible dog owners on the use and application of e-collars and will help fight this ban in anyway we can.
Just this year alone, we have saved many dogs from death via the use of e-collars.

We have given dogs off lead freedom, allowing for a fabulous quality of life where before they were confined to a lead due to chasing & killing livestock.
For those reading this news that have never experienced problem behaviours with their dogs, or seen the predatory instinct of a dog that will kill and eat livestock… I’m sorry but your opinion and knowledge on whether they should be banned or not, is invalid. We urge you to do your research before jumping on the bandwagon.
Banning the tool is not the solution.

Education, awareness and other control measures are more realistic and effective.

It is the dogs that suffer. Shame on you Kennel Club.

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