Introducing Our New Day Training Service

A convenient, expedient and bespoke solution to common dog training challenges, our Day Train programme helps you to succeed with your dog on a daily basis.

Dog training requires commitment, time & ability for maximum results, things not every dog owner has access to. With our day training programme, your dog will spend extended time with our trainers who are able to immediately & effectively implement essential training and behavioural modification, with the added bonus of being cared for & stimulated while you’re busy or need to work.

Every Day Train programme is bespoke to the dog attending; we discuss your goals with you before the programme starts.

Some of our most common requests: .

✅ Loose leash walking
✅ Obedience
✅ Reactivity
✅ Socialisation
✅ Recall
✅ Puppy development
✅ Confidence building

We are accepting applications for Day Train clients for Tuesdays & Thursdays from April 2023 📅

Please email for more info 🙌

Please note: if you aren’t a current client, you will need to do a consultation before starting your Day Train programme.

Day Training

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