The Importance of Fulfillment & Enrichment

As much as we value & encourage concepts such as structure, functional obedience & neutrality, we also place a huge emphasis on fulfillment & enrichment.

Training your dog to cope with the world is essential, but a life on a lead doing as you’re told isn’t much fun!

In fact, the main reason we have such high standards for you guys in terms of behaviour & obedience training is so that your dogs can have more freedom.

We love taking our dogs on long muddy walks, playing together, learning silly new tricks, doing scentwork & bitework, providing food enrichment and having them on the sofa (if they’re clean!)

This is all done alongside the rules & expectations we have every day.

Oddly, more rules = more freedom 🤩

PS Ava & Hannya put us to shame with their lean muscly bodies!!

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