Welcome to Valorant K9 Academy

If you don’t already know, we operate a balanced dog training service in Durham.

We have a thriving online academy with videos & group services and our in-person lessons cover everything from puppy training to aggression rehabilitation. We also love our obedience packages and are proud supporters of responsible E collar usage 🙌🏻

All our packages are 1:1, meaning you only learn what you need to learn in order to succeed. Starting in our indoor training room and gradually broadening your dog’s horizons to the outside world, we are passionate about providing you & your dog with the harmony & relationship you need to have a peaceful, enjoyable life.

Our specialism is reactivity & aggression, and we’re proud to have transformed the lives of many dogs so far this year alone.

Adam’s relatable & individualistic approach to teaching you what you need to know will have you feeling understood & comfortable in no time, and Bella is always happy to restart your dog’s socialisation in the controlled company of our 4 wonderful stooge dogs: Ava, Panzer, Hannya & Nina.

With lots of extra services such as an online scent school, group walks and residential stays, there is something for everyone here.

Everyone is welcome 🙌🏻

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