Why Can’t We Give Advice Without Seeing The Dog?

Lots of people message us for tips or advice. Whilst we want to help everyone have a better relationship with their dog, it’s in fact irresponsible to give advice without knowing more about the dog. Why is that?

• the dog might have suffered a traumatic incident which has led to their behaviour
• the dog could have a relevant medical illness
• the dog could have poor genetics
• the dog could have been under- or over-socialised

People commonly ask for advice concerning reactivity; to give advice on such a broad behaviour could be disastrous.

Our clients always have good intentions, but individuals aren’t always capable of assessing a behaviour.

Someone could believe their dog is excited but, upon arriving for the assessment, the dog is in fact dangerous.

Or perhaps it’s the other way round – maybe the dog is timid and needs confidence building.

So that’s why we will always at the very least ask lots of questions, and we certainly won’t give specific advice without learning more about the dog & preferably seeing them in action
When we ask you to come & see us, it’s coming from a desire to be responsible 👍🏻

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