What We Don’t Recommend For Reactivity Training

Are you relying on any of these ineffective methods to help your dog’s reactivity? Time to make a change!

1) Neutering
Removing your dog’s reproductive organs in the form of an operation will stop them from reproducing, but it won’t ‘calm him down’ 🥴 Neutering won’t change genetics and therefore can’t change temperament.

2) Sending your dog to daycare to ‘socialise’ him
Picture the scene – a room full of boisterous dogs, loosely supervised by well-meaning but inexperienced staff. Your dog dislikes other dogs. Is daycare a good idea?

3) Keeping your dog away from all dogs
This won’t work either! Walking your dog at 4am doesn’t solve the problem, and your dog must learn how to co-exist around other dogs 👌🏻

4) Stuffing treats down your dog’s face as soon as you spot another dog to distract him
Food-based rewards & desensitisation are great! However, there’s a stark difference between unsuccessful bribery & training. Even if you do distract your dog, have you resolved the problem? Do you want to rely on half a packet of treats every time you see a dog? 😵‍💫

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