Transforming Monty The Labrador

When Monty the Labrador first started coming for his reactivity training, he was visibly insecure & worried around our dogs and reacted badly to other dogs on the lead.

He was hard to control when he was reacting and his distress even being near our dogs was saddening 😢

He was unable to walk on the lead without pulling constantly, he could not engage or take food rewards on walks because he was so nervous, and off-lead freedom was a distant dream.

Fast forward to nearly a year later, Monty is not only able to pass other dogs with no problem, but he also has much better functional obedience AND he can go off the lead thanks to the E collar 😎

His fear of other dogs has disappeared to the extent that he played the role of stooge for a puppy last week.

Monty’s behavioural modification took a lot of hard work & consistency from us and his family, but to see him confidently enjoying walks and able to disregard other dogs makes every second worth it. He is able to mix & mingle with our gang no problem.

Walks are no longer a time of stress & terror but a time of unwinding, sniffing, ball games and harmony.

Well done Monty 💛

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