Jonny Richardson

Head Trainer


Jonny prides himself on being able to deliver effective and realistic training methods, which have been proven to work on severe behavioural issues, such as aggression and reactivity. His skillset has been developed through the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical hands on experience. Jonny has also trained under one of the UK’s most recognised protection trainers, learning how to train and develop high drive working dogs. Aside from behavioural work, Jonny is also a qualified dog handler, with him previously working his own personal dogs in the private security sector.


Outside of behavioural work, Jonny has a passion for working dogs and is an IGP (formerly Schutzhund, IPO) licensed helper. He has also competed at protection trials and IGP trials with his Dutch Herder, Margaux and German Shepherd, Ted.

We need to treat dogs as they were intended to be. If we treat them like humans, we don't honour them for the amazing species they really are.