Adam Wilson

Head Trainer


Adam works almost exclusively with problem behaviour in dogs, ranging from separation anxiety, to phobias, reactivity, and both dog and human forms of aggression. His expertise has been established throughout working with dogs in many areas, including rescues, day care centers, grooming, boarding, dog handling and security services, expert witness cases involving dangerous dogs, delivering online courses, and building online dog training academies. Alongside working with problem behaviours in dogs, Adam has helped a host of puppy clients identify early signs of trouble and implement training and raising regimes to combat issues like low confidence, environmental sensitivities, and aggression.


Additionally, Adam has begun to train and compete in the world of IGP, previously known as IPO and Schutzhund. A demanding sport consisting of three phases (Tracking, Obedience, Protection) to test both the breedability and workability of the dog, and the relationship between dog and handler.

Each and every dog can be motivated and trained to become the very best they can be. You just need to crack their code.