Isabella Hawthorne

Scentwork & Puppy Trainer


Isabella’s passion for dog training began upon starting a dog walking business in her university city of Edinburgh. Noticing a lot of problematic behaviours she didn’t have the skills to resolve, Isabella set about improving her knowledge in the form of shadowing and gaining as much practical experience as possible. 
Isabella now has the privilege of being a co-founder of proHOUND and is a drug detection dog handler. She is also a pet dog trainer (her most common issues being lack of recall, pulling on the lead and lack of dog neutrality) with a passion for scent work. 


As well as being a dog handler and pet dog trainer, Isabella has a keen interest (bordering on an obsession!) in scent work, both detection and tracking. Isabella believes that every dog is capable of doing scent work and enjoys tailoring the learning process to the dog. A wonderful moment in every dog’s scent work journey is the moment of realisation on the part of the owner that their dog is capable of achieving, no matter their age, breed or standard of behaviour.

Every dog & dog owner partnership deserve a harmonious life. How to access that harmonious life depends on how much we understand the individual dog.