The First Steps To Changing Your Dogs Behaviour

This advice is something everyone can do. You don’t need advanced knowledge – all you need to do is observe your dog!

It’s as simple as this….

Take a notepad & pen, open the Notes app on your phone and write EXACTLY what your dog does that’s bothering you.

The trick here is to be specific.

Please don’t write ‘Rover is difficult on walks’ – what does Rover do that makes walks hard?

Does he pull? Is he reactive? Does he ignore recall? All of the above?

Secondly, why do you think this behaviour is happening, and what have you tried so far?

(We’re not expecting advanced knowledge here, don’t worry)

Does Rover pull because he’s never been taught to walk to heel? Does he ignore recall because he wants to greet everyone?

Do you sprint over to reclaim Rover, profusely apologising to the other dog owner/picnickers/football players? Do you endlessly try to tug Rover back into place when he pulls on the lead?

Before you see a reputable trainer, we advise choosing the problem with the least complex solution and start from there

e.g. Rover destroys the house when you’re out? Buy a crate 👍🏻

Sometimes problems are that easy to fix; sometimes they’re not, and that’s where we come along!

What does your dog do that you don’t like, and have you tried anything to resolve it?

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