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Residential board and train

Every dogs need consistency and repetition in order to reliably learn new habits and behaviours. Residential training enables us to provide dogs with the routine, structure and training needed to be the most successful they can be.

Residential board and train programs offer the ideal environment for dogs to thrive, providing them with the consistency, repetition, and structured training necessary for successful learning. Every dog benefits from this focused approach, ensuring they develop reliable habits and behaviors through a dedicated residential training experience.

Residential board and train

Our residential board and train programme targeted towards the individual wants and needs of the dog, and the owner.

Whether it’s a shortage of free time, or a feeling of not knowing where to begin; working with problem behaviours can be a really difficult and timely process. As dogs are creatures of habit, the home environment and it’s routines can inadvertently create and compound problem behaviours.

Moving a dog from their typical environment and submerging them into a new world of structure and routine can act like ‘pushing the reset button’ on their behaviour. And, when you’re trying to make big changes yourself at home, it can be difficult to break the bad habits and get the exposure needed for a balanced and stable dog.

However, transitioning a dog from their usual surroundings to a structured residential board and train program can serve as a “reset button” for their behavior. This change of environment provides the opportunity for dogs to learn new habits and behaviors effectively. While trying to enact significant changes at home, breaking bad habits can be challenging without the necessary exposure to balanced and stable environments.

Our residential board & train programmes are designed to provide dogs with structure and understanding, new experiences in both public and private settings, reliable obedience and communication skills, and to ensure those new skills are transferrable to their owners moving forwards. 

Accepted applications onto our board and train programmes are assigned to one of our dedicated trainers for the duration of their stay, and their bespoke training programme implemented throughout. Regular updates are provided about their stay and all dogs are treated as our own, in a safe, secure, and friendly environment.

Residential Board and Train Benefits:

  • Structured Learning Environment: Residential board and train programs offer dogs a structured learning environment away from the distractions of home, allowing for focused training sessions and accelerated progress.

  • Dedicated Trainer Support: Each dog enrolled in our program is paired with a dedicated trainer who oversees their progress and implements a personalized training plan tailored to their unique needs and behaviors.

  • Exposure to New Environments: By exposing dogs to a variety of public and private settings, our program helps them become more adaptable and confident in different situations, reducing anxiety and reactivity.

  • Transferable Skills: We prioritize teaching skills that are easily transferable to the dog’s owners, ensuring that the training results are sustainable and applicable in their everyday lives.

  • Regular Updates and Communication: We maintain open communication with owners throughout their dog’s stay, providing regular updates on progress and offering guidance on how to reinforce training techniques at home.
Residential board and train

Bespoke training programmes

We tailor each board & train experience specifically to the requirements and needs of the owner and their dog. 

Balanced between training and relaxation

All work and no play makes for a dull dog. Fun and relaxation plays a vital role in creating the optimal mind-state for training and learning.

Residential board and train
Residential board and train

Regular updates throughout

Clients can feel at ease with regular updates about the dogs training and progress throughout their board & train.

Handover training included

Follow up training to ensure owners leave with knowledge, understanding, and techniques, to set their dogs up for success moving forwards.

Residential board and train

Frequently asked questions

Commonly asked questions about our residential board & train packages

Our residential service is perfect for dogs with complex issues. Reactivity & aggression can be challenging, and not everyone has the time or skill range to resolve such issues. We also take dogs who need a crash course in recall and/or socialisation. 

Seeing as every residential stay is bespoke, it’s difficult to say exactly how each day will be. However, we can tell you that we replicate the real-life situations you struggle with so that handover can be as smooth as possible. 

Yes, your dog will receive an appropriate amount of physical exercise during their stay, as well as a suitable level of mental stimulation. We want your dog to be happy with us, so it won’t all be challenging training! 

Your dog will be boarded in the trainer’s home, like one of their own dogs! 

Yes, we still take clients when we have guests but not as many as usual. This is because we have an extra dog to look after, possibly with challenging requirements. 

Firstly, you will receive regular updates during your dog’s stay. Also, there is a detailed handover lesson at the end of the stay when you collect your dog. Following the board & train, you have a number of free lessons to attend (4 free lessons if you do a 4-week stay, 3 free lessons if you do a 3-week stay, and so on). 

If appropriate, we try to integrate residential dogs with our dogs as much as possible (at a pace that suits the guest) in order to improve their social skills. 

Whoever does your consultation (all new clients must do a consultation before booking a residential stay) will be who takes your dog during their stay; in the unlikely event there is a change in staff, you are invited to meet the new person with your dog before the stay. 

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