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Dog Obedience training

The cost of dog obedience training is small compared with the cost of disobedience. Dog obedience training is not only rewarding for you and your dog, but it also makes your day-to-day life with them less stressful, particularly out and about in the real world.

Dog Obedience training

We guarantee real results and a learning experience for your dog like no other. Taught in a way that makes the process fun, engaging and rewarding.

Training a dog to be well mannered and obedient is a big responsibility, and a fundamental part of dog ownership. Not only to guarantee the safety of the dog, but for the safety of other people and dogs too.

Having a dog with poor obedience typically results in day-to-day inconveniences and problems. Not being able to provide off-leash freedom due to having no recall, not listening to anything you ask, and constant pulling on the leash. And in more cases than not, these issues can group together and may lead to bigger problem behaviours down the line.

Long gone are the days of simply bribing a dog with hotdogs or relying on acts of dominance to achieve a level of respect and cooperation from them. Instead, we focus on what ultimately motivates and drives dogs and channel it into focus and obedience, resulting in a stronger relationship, a happy dog, understands what is expected of them, and wants to work hand-in-hand with their owners.

Effective dog obedience training involves instilling key behaviors such as recall, attentive listening, and leash manners. Without these skills, daily activities like allowing off-leash freedom become challenging, as does getting the dog to comply with commands or stop pulling on the leash. Moreover, unresolved obedience issues can compound over time, potentially leading to more serious behavioral problems.

Gone are the outdated methods of using food bribes or attempting to establish dominance. Modern obedience training focuses on understanding and harnessing what truly motivates dogs. By tapping into their natural drives and instincts, trainers can cultivate focus and cooperation, fostering a stronger bond between owner and pet. Ultimately, this approach leads to a happier, more obedient dog that comprehends and willingly follows commands, eager to collaborate with their owner in various activities.

Dog Obedience training

Learn what motivates your dog and how to harness it

Motivation and focus are the real keys to dog training. Once you know what makes your dog really tick, that motivation can be harness into focus and obedience.

Dog Obedience training

Master the art of play in your training

Play is a really powerful motivator and relationship builder. Training doesn’t need to be boring and where possible should be one big game for a dog.

Dog Obedience training

Build reliable and consistent obedience

Consistency is key in anything we want to improve at, and obedience is no exception to the rule. Motivation is important to initially drive towards doing difficult things, which ultimately lead to new and improved habits and routines being formed.

Dog Obedience training

Teach without conflict and confusion

Whether it’s unwanted body language or inconsistent commands, incorrect training can quickly and easily lead to conflict, confusion and worry in dogs. Teaching in a clear and consistent way is essential for an enthusiastic and clear mental state.

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