Don’t Wait For Something That Wont Happen

We’re fortunate enough to be in a position where clients travel to work with us from all around the UK. Whether it’s wanting to get the best out of their puppy, or working through problem behaviours like reactivity, we work with people who’re dedicated to doing the very best by their dogs.

As with any business, we have people messaging and emailing us looking for help to solve an issue they’re having. Some are short, while some are paragraphs long detailing just about everything that may be relevant. Due to the nature of these issues, most simply aren’t fixable with online advice and do require one-to-one time with a trainer who can assess and implement training to improve and fix them.

Regardless of the severity of the issue, one thing is certain; the problem isn’t going to get any better by waiting for a miracle.

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘Will it get better as he/she gets older?’ and although that would be lovely, for most things it’s highly unlikely. In fact, quite the contrary is true. The more a behaviour (good or bad) is practised, the more engrained it becomes, and the harder it is to then fix.

The sooner you admit you have an issue with your dog and begin working with a trainer, the sooner you will have the problem under control and normality restored. Messaging and asking for advice for complex things like reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety, resource guarding, fear responses, or obsessive behaviours, and then never pulling the trigger on actually getting help with it, leaves you no further forward with a resolution to the issues you’re having.

Find a trainer that have the skills, expertise and experience you need to resolve the problems you’re experiencing and don’t put it off longer than necessary in the hope it’ll miraculously fix itself. There are reputable trainers in all corners of the UK, so do your research and get working with someone who can hold your hand through the process from start to finish. Asking for advice online or never progressing further than sending a message on Facebook will only serve to leave you no further forward.

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