Differences Within Dogs Of The Same Breed

It goes without saying that there are huge differences between different breeds of dogs. But it’s not as commonly understood that there’s an almost equally large difference between dogs within the same breed.

Take Hannya (pictured) for instance. Her breeding is from very particular lines of German Shepherd and the result of those breedings has created a puppy with no off-switch, wants to bite everything, possessive, screams, and has no interest in cuddles on the sofa. Generally every quality that would bring owners who were after a nice family pet to tears.

One of our other dogs Panzer on the other hand, is from a combination of show lines, with some working lines. Because of the focus being placed on environmental exposure and confidence building from young, Panzer is absolutely rock solid in all places. Her drive and natural desire to live for bitework isn’t like Hannya’s, but she wasn’t bred for that. Unlike Hannya though, I could take Panzer anywhere and I know she’d be nothing short of exemplary at all times. And even though she maybe doesn’t have a crazy working/sport breeding, she’s already achieved more than most said she ever would and continues to surprise.

The variation found within a particular breed extends far beyond what many realise. This is why it’s massively important to know what you want in your future dog and pick both an appropriate breeder that knows what they’re doing, but is also breeding qualities that you actually want.

Don’t end up with a dog that’s constantly ragging your hair out, biting the kids and kicking off at every dog they see, when you wanted a couch potato that would be nice at family BBQ’s and play fetch with a football.

Learn about the breed, do your research, meet many in person, familiarise yourself with different breeders and don’t become emotionally invested in the first litter you see.

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