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The leading experts in canine behaviour and training based in North East England.

The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package

Dogs don't grow out of bad behaviours - they grow into them.

We work with hundreds of German Shepherd owners throughout the UK and internationally to learn to understand and communicate with their dogs, and to build the best possible relationship they can through clear communication, structure and leadership.

Located in Durham, North East England, our training centre specialises in canine behaviour and training, offering an experience like no other. We provide realistic, proven and effective training that works, and has worked for hundreds of dogs throughout the UK and internationally.

Our team consists of some of the UK’s best trainers and behaviourists to work with you and your GSD, and help take the relationship you have with them to the next level.

We understand the daily struggles and problems German Shepherd owners experience - we've been there!

The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package

Do any of these sound familiar?

‘My dog pulls me around like a train on their leash and no lead or harness seems to help.’

‘They are so protective of me that no one can get anywhere close to us.’

‘I think they need a job but I don’t know what they can do.’

‘People cross the road when they see us but all my dog wants is to say hello.’

‘If they see another dog when they’re off leash they’re gone and won’t come back.’

‘My dog barks at every dog in sight, they’re so embarrassing.’ 

‘I’m having to walk them late at night and early in the morning to avoid people.’

Don't worry – you're not alone. The German Shepherd Dog was almost destined to be leash reactive.

After transitioning from all-round farm dog, to military specialist during WW1 and WW2, the selective breeding for working traits led to an increase in prey drive (the desire to chase and catch small fluffy things), and suspicion (a cautious distrust of strangers). Breeders began selectively breeding for looks over workability, ultimately leading to a confused mixture of traits that can be difficult for owners to get their heads around when problems inevitably arise. 

Luckily, they’re incredibly loyal and a real dream to train once you know how. And, you won’t find a better breed to go on your training journey with (although it’s possible we’re maybe biased having 5 ourselves). They say that you don’t get the dog you want, you get the dog you need. And that seems to especially true when it comes to German Shepherds.

The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package
The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package

So, how the hell do you fix what appears to be the unfixable?

There can be many reasons for a dog becoming reactive, and usually it’s a combination of many of those reasons working in alliance with the others. From genetic traits, to learnt experiences, poor handling, and lack of general obedience and impulse control.

If you truly want to fix the reactivity you need to understand what these are and the roles they play in a dogs life. By improving all of these key areas, we can make the biggest difference possible and transform the way they think and feel about the world around them.

To achieve this we’ve put together a bespoke package for German Shepherd owners who’re struggling with reactivity issues, and at our lowest ever price.

Proudly working in partnership with

German Shepherd Dog Rescue

We are the officially recommended trainers of the GSDR North East Region

The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package

One of the longest standing and largest German Shepherd rescues in the UK.

GSDR is an organisation dedicated to the rescue, short term fostering and long-term re-homing of German Shepherd Dogs. Originally set up in 2001 as German Shepherd Rescue UK when the founder lived in Scotland, the name was changed to GSDR when the rescue founder relocated back down to England. The rescue achieved charitable status back in April 2011 and generates funds to support growth and cope with the ever increasing number of GSD’s that require assistance.


What our clients think

Don't just take our word for it, check out what some of our amazing clients have had to say.

The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package
Amy Simpson
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I had a half day session with Adam yesterday and I'm so pleased with how it went. Adam could tell me just about straight away what the issues were with both me and German Shepherd, Duke. He is extremely knowledgeable and gives very clear advise and instructions. He also uses his own dogs to practice around (his dogs are amazing!) Both Adam and Lauren are very down to earth lovely people and make you feel at ease instantly. Overall I'm so pleased I found Valorant K9. Onwards and upwards for me and my doggo! Thanks guys.
The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package
Tom Birley
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I was sceptical at best about meeting Johnny after my Mrs spending a small fortune on dog trainers and behaviourists with limited results trying to get our GSD Zak to walk without pulling and to stop being so reactive to other dogs. Within less than 10 mins we had loose lead walking sorted and by the end of the session Zak was ignoring horses dogs the lot. The approach of balanced training rather than just force free simply works. Don’t get me wrong Zak is a well loved pet and far from hurting him nothing more than a well timed flick of the lead is all that’s required when you know what you’re doing. Wish the Mrs had found these guys first as it would have saved us a lot of time money and hassle! Actually enjoying dog walks again now cheers.
The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package
Sharni Kaur
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My GSD was reactive towards everything and anything including sounds of normal household things. Very nervy and unsettled. Pulling on leash getting on his back legs to get to anything that made him react. Got a dog trainer involved within a week to support me with Pablo during this time Pablo got worse. He bit my family members including myself twice. Arranged for a dog shelter to rehouse Pablo but they couldn’t get near him, called many dog charities for support but unfortunately as Pablo has a bite history there was only one place now for him either locked up in our house or put to sleep. I found Adam through an online dog academy and took Pablo to see him. He was now my last hope. We had a quick chat and went straight into training Pablo. By the end of my first session Pablo stopped reacting and he showed me how to get back to basics with Pablo and a year on I have a totally different dog and will forever be grateful!
The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package
David Murray
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Started training with my GSD Mac, at Valorant K9. I have had a fare few GSDs over the years, but I am not a dog trainer. So the plan was for me to learn as much as possible for Mac from both Adam and John. The Lads have been amazing with both myself and Mac, the amount we have learnt and the quality of the training has been excellent and I would recommend the lads to any serious dog owner and look forward to many more training sessions with my friend and partner in crime Mac.
The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package
Natasha Scott
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We brought Miles to Adam to help deal with his reactivity problems. I cannot believe the difference we seen within the first hour. Miles was walking without pulling and he was alot calmer. Adam showed us how to correct his pulling, and when to mark and reward his behaviour. I'm so glad that we made the decision to bring him because we feel like we brought a different dog home. I am still in shock that I was walking Miles on a loose lead and past dogs without him reacting! Adam knew what was wrong with Miles from meeting him and he's told us so much to help with his training in the future and gave us the confidence to carry it through. I cannot wait to go for a walk with Miles without detouring or waiting behind cars for dogs to pass. Thank you so much!
The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package
Lucy Thompson
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If you’re thinking about reaching out to Adam and Valorant K9, stop thinking and just do it. We did a half day session for my massive German shepherd who couldn’t concentrate on a walk to save his life and would throw his entire body weight towards other dogs, new smells, lampposts, pigeons, you name it. I took him for a big walk today and I feel like I’m walking a completely different dog, it was great! Adam is so knowledgable and I could tell straight away when he was handling Oscar that he was really in tune with how my dog thinks. Not a single second of the session was wasted and he passed on so much knowledge to us. Huge thank you!
The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package
Jillian Callaway
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The training and advice was second to none and within a couple of hours there was massive progress to be seen with my German shepherd, who not only likes to pull but also reacts to other dogs. By the end of the session, he was walking on a loose lead and hardly noticing other dogs. Took away lots of advice and skills to continue with his training. Worth every penny.
The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package
Frank Parnaby
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We are just so pleased we decided to go to a training session with Adam! After recently moving house with our German shepherd Floyd, we thought that this would be a great opportunity to support Floyd with his reactivity. From being a young dog Floyd had struggled to cope with other dogs nearby. After meeting someone with a German shepherd on our estate, we were recommended to go and see Adam. He was not wrong! After just one session of three hours we walked away with the most amazing transformation. At the start of the session Floyd was quite reactive towards both Adam and his dogs however at the end of the session Floyd was able to walk close by the other dogs with the appropriate corrections and praise, as well as comfortably letting Adam handle him. We are continuing to work with Floyd but really couldn’t have done it without the amazing support and advice from Adam. Now I don’t know who enjoys a walk more, us or Floyd!
The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package
Andrew Laurie
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We took our now 18 month old German Shepherd to Adam firstly in August 20. We’d made great progress with our trainer but we couldn’t get a breakthrough with her reactivity/barrier frustration, to the point my wife dreaded taking her out. Fast forward 5 months after our first session we’d made good progress but we wanted some feedback from Adam so we booked another half day to help us reinforce what we’d put in place as Nina was quite inconsistent, which really was more to do with our handling. With some cracking feedback and one month on we both look forward to taking her out. We’d never considered balanced training, however, not all dogs are the same and some need a little extra communication. Not only has the reactivity improved but loose lead walking at heel is now consistent. Our engagement is even better than it was and we have a fantastic well-rounded dog. We’ve seen so many dogs and owners make amazing progress with Adam, including those we’ve recommended.
The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package
Emma Reynolds
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I can honestly say Adam was the turning point for me and Sky. She was/is a reactive German shepherd and I had seen many trainers with no joy, things got from bad to worse then I done a course with Adam and OMG ..... the change in both of us was/is AMAZING. He explains things clearly and makes everything to easy to understand and his way of training is just BRILLIANT !!!! Sky has gone from reacting to everything and everyone to now enjoying our new found freedom as her reactivity is almost completely gone and the small bit she does have left we can manage thanks to the tools Adam’s training has given us. I couldn’t recommend a better trainer as Adam managed to do for us something that others couldn’t and that was help make Sky’s life better through her training with her reactivity.
The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package
Danielle Smith
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I did an online reactivity course with Adam and my god did I get my moneys worth! he is a fountain of knowledge and he isn't afraid to share it! in depth! excellent experience all round, but explained in a way everyone on the course could grasp easily. One awesome thing I will say about Adam, he isn't in it for the money, what do I mean by that? Well he WANTS to help dog owners help themselves. If he can get you sorted in one session? He WILL do that! He won't bamboozle you with scientific jargon (not that he doesn't know it!) and waste your session so you have to book back in a few times before you see results he! He gets it done, he just keeps things simple for pet people to understand, so we can implement his advice and training into our own lives, easily and with confidence. Adam is a genuine kind and compassionate dog trainer, he will help your dogs in the gentlest way that the dogs understand, friends first, build a relationship with your dog and then he gets to work. He is ALL about the dogs and making sure they're comfortable most of all. Highly recommended
The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package
David Presland-Auton
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I was fortunate that a friend of mine knew Adam and suggested that I book some training with my beautiful girl. Unfortunately, Ember was presenting as anxious and reactive with other dogs when on her leash. I had one training session with Adam last August, which has proven very beneficial. Adam showed me exactly how to teach Ember to focus on me and my reaction to her being reactive with other dogs. In short, she is now a very well trained obedient and loyal German Shepherd. The training that we received remains in place and I remain in Adam’s debt. Thank you.
The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package
Kirsty Silcock
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I visited Adam for a half day session as I’ve been having reactivity issues with my German Shepherd Vinnie. Vinnie was a rescue who’s been with us for approx 1.5 years. He’s got the most amazing personality but he’s so reactive with other dogs. We’ve been attending a German shepherd training group and he’s improved great with the dogs he’s familiar with however he was still reacting to new dogs we met. Adam witnessed this behaviour as soon as Vinnie saw one of his stooge dogs and immediately showed me how best to deal with it. Within no time at all he was walking past the dogs and not reacting at all. The best thing was the way Adam explained why Vinnie was behaving the way he did and how my actions would have such a big impact, thus reducing his reactiveness over time. The techniques I learned from Adam are now incorporated into daily life with Vinnie which has massively improved the bond between us, which in my opinion is the best outcome of all.

Frequently asked questions

Some of the most commonly asked questions
about working with us

The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package is for those who are having reactivity issues and are looking to learn more about their German Shepherd and become the very best owner they can be for their dogs.

The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package includes a 2-hour behavioural assessment, and 4x 45-minute follow-up sessions. Designed for those looking to really tackle any reactivity issues they’re having, while working closely with our trainers on an ongoing basis.

All of our sessions are held at our training centre based in Durham – DH1 1FQ. 

You can sign up by clicking any of the red ‘CLICK HERE TO WORK WITH US BUTTONS‘  found on this page. Once the package has been purchased, you can speak with a member of our team by phone, email, or social media, to arrange the first suitable date and time for your session, and confirm your booking.

We welcome German Shepherds of all ages and severities to train with us. Whether they’re 6-months, or 6-years. Whether it’s your first time with a trainer, or three trainers deep. We’re here to help. Your dog won’t be the worst we’ve ever seen before, and even if it is, we love the challenge.

The sessions can be scheduled on days and times that suit you best, we will always try our best to accommodate for you. Our training centre is open Monday-Saturday so once you have dates in mind be sure to let us know as soon as you can.

We go absolutely above and beyond to transform the lives our clients have with their dogs. We guarantee that by following our instruction you will see dramatic improvement in your German Shepherd, and we’ll be there to help you even beyond your time spent with us.

The Reactive Shepherd Rehab Package is currently at a promotional discounted price of £495 (usually £545) for a very limited time. Once we reach our maximum capacity the promotional discount will end.

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