Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all contact including behavioural advice and work, academy courses, online and one-to-one training, equipment and other services relating to and provided by Valorant K9 Academy, (referred to as ‘we’ or ‘us’) and the owner/handler of the dog or dogs (referred to as ‘you’ or ‘the client’). The terms and conditions are designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of our staff at Valorant K9 Academy, the client and the clients dog/dogs;

  1. We will endeavour to take all reasonable care in practice; however we cannot accept responsibility or liability for the health and safety of the pet, pet owner or their family outwith this standard duty of care as a business.

  2. We accept no responsibility for loss, injury or accidents that occur to the pet(s), owner or their family or for any veterinary bills or other costs arising from any incident occurring relating to training, equipment or advice given by us.

  3. Any information regarding the pet’s health and/or existing medical conditions/treatment MUST be disclosed prior to any consultation or training or supply of equipment. You agree to continue to disclose health information whilst we are treating your animal. Health issues regarding you or attendees should also be disclosed to avoid injury and other issues pertaining to the services/equipment supplied. If you fail to do this, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or harm.

  4. Information regarding severe behavioural issues (such as dogs with a human or bite history and/or kennel or crate aggression, MUST be disclosed before the training session takes place to ensure control measures can be put in place to protect the dog, trainers and client.

  5. In the event that your dog is unwell or undergoing veterinary treatment, please inform Valorant K9 Academy prior to booking, where a decision will be made on whether to schedule or rearrange a session. Where a session has already
    been booked, cancellation and rearrangement may be necessary, in which case the cancellation clause arrangement will apply.

  6. All pets must be of good health, with no diseases or health issues that will put other dogs, staff or members of the public at risk.

  7. If the Client decides to bring other people to a session, such as family members and/or children, they are wholly responsible for each individual and Valorant K9 reserves the right to ask an individual to leave if their behaviour is deemed disruptive to a session. Valorant K9 takes no responsbility for the fact multiple individuals (including the dog owner) may have to also depart if one individual is asked to leave.

  8. Payment for any session with Valorant K9 Academy is to be made in full at the time of booking, via the booking section on our website. Where the client needs to cancel their booking, a full refund will be issued if cancelled 7 days before the session start date. Any session that is cancelled within 7 days of the scheduled booking, a 50% refund will be issued – *unless the client wishes to reschedule the session within the same calendar month. Please see the B&T-specific cancellation policy if applicable.

  9. Payment for training packages is due in full at the time of booking, all sessions within the package must be completed within 3 months of payment being received; any outstanding appointments not booked within these times will be forfeited unless there has been prior arrangements made.

  10. If the Client begins a training package/sessions and subsequently decides to not continue with the remainder of included sessions due to a decision to euthanise, rehome, or any other reason outside the control of Valorant K9 Academy, it is at their own discretion and no refund will be due or given for the remainder of the package/sessions.

  11. Failure to give at least 48 hours’ notice for a session you will not attend during your ongoing package will result in that session being defaulted with no refund.

  12. Please note that ALL refunds are subject to a £10 admin fee.

  13. We maintain the strictest confidence with your personal details according to GDPR legislation; however we reserve the right to report any situation that may compromise your pet’s welfare or safety under current UK laws.

  14. We use balanced training methods that both adopt reinforcement and corrections. All equipment used will be supervised by professional trainers, ensuring any equipment is used correctly and appropriately. Valorant K9 Academy will hold no liability in the event of injury occuring whilst using the specified equipment.

  15. Equipment that is approved by Valorant K9 Academy should only be used during behaviour modification sessions. Any equipment used that is not recommended nor approved by us will also result in no us not being liable for any potential issues that may arise.

  16. We reserve the right to terminate this contract of agreement without notice or refund should circumstances arise by which a client and/or associates of the client (Valorant K9 determine the definition of “associates”) behaves abusively (in any manner that is deemed unacceptable by your trainer) or displays inappropriate behaviour.

  17. Trading hours are Monday to Saturday, between the hours of 10am and 4pm at our centre Durham training premises (Unit 29A, Mandale Business Park, Durham, DH1 1FQ).

  18. In the event that the Client does not show up to a scheduled session, our trainers wait a maximum of 15 minutes; after this point, failure to show up without prior notice will result in the session being cancelled and no refund issued.

  19. By booking any of Valorant K9 Academy services, you are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions, whether signed or not. It is important that any associate involved must also be aware of and abide by these terms and conditions.

  20. We reserve the right to amend any booking, course or designated trainer at any time.

  21. Clients acknowledge that we may use photos and videos for the Valorant K9 Academy social media page, without prior notice given. Where the client does not agree to this, the client must inform Valorant K9 Academy prior to commencing training of any kind.

  22. This applies to DAY TRAINING
    – failure to bring your dog between the allocated time of 9-9.30am may result in your dog not being accepted for their day train with no refund given
    – failure to collect your dog between the allocated time of 5-5.30pm may result in a £25 late collection fee 


Residential Training (Board & Train)

  1. The entirety of these Terms & Conditions apply to all residential Board & Train bookings and must be signed at the time of drop-off prior to commencing training.

  2. All residential bookings are required to be paid 100% up front with confirmation of the start date and duration.

  3. Valorant K9 Academy will ensure that all training will be undertaken by training staff of suitable experience, knowledge and skill. Although training results can be demonstrated during the Board and Train programme, there can be no guarantee for the complete long term behavioural modification, due to the external factors that can affect the success of training e.g. genetics, health and age of dog; owners’ commitment, knowledge, ability and free time. The client understands that the continuous and consistent application of training undertaken after the Board & Train programme is essential.

  4. Following completion of Board & Train programmes, a hand-over training session shall be held with the client. This is included in the cost of the residential stay and is designed to ensure a thorough understanding of the training and its application is achieved. Further follow-up sessions are included in the cost of a Board & Train Programme; the amount of sessions depends on the length of stay. A 2 week Board & Train has 2 follow-up sessions, a 3 week Board & Train has 3 follow-up sessions, and a 4 week Board & Train has 4 follow-up sessions. It is the client’s responsibility to contact and book the appropriate number of continuation sessions with Valorant K9 Academy. All sessions must be completed within 2 months after the end of the Board & Train.

  5. The client understands that all food, bedding and any medications are provided at drop-off, with instructions for its use where applicable. In the event of a medical emergency, Valorant K9 Academy shall contact Wear Referrals and/or Dunelm Vets, with the client being notified as soon as possible. The client agrees to take full responsibility of financial costs for any veterinary treatment.

  6. Clients acknowledge that for each additional day that their dog stays with Valorant K9 Academy (past the agreed completion date) will result in a £200 per day charge, to be paid on collecting the dog. The quoted price for Board & Train programmes do not include the costs of any relevant dog training tools or equipment. It is the responsibility of the client to purchase these items.

  7. The client understands that footage of their dog undergoing training may be recorded & uploaded to our online academy for educational purposes.

  8. The client acknowledges that, at the time of collection of their dog, they will be required to sign a dated document confirming they have received a detailed handover, they understand what continuation training is necessary and that the dog was of sound physical health upon collection.

  9. The Board & Train-specific Terms & Conditions seen here are to be acknowledged alongside the general Terms & Conditions. 


Cancellation within 1 week of the residential start date, no refund will be issued.
Cancellation within 2 weeks of the residential start date, 25% refund will be issued.
Cancellation within 3 weeks of the residential start date, 50% refund will be issued.
Cancellation of any period greater than 3 weeks prior to the start date will receive a 75% refund.